Teruko Springs Kids Support Puerto Rico

A special shout out to the Teruko Springs Kids! They took time during the holiday season to show their love and support for Puerto Rico. They had a special drive to send necessary items to our fellow Americans overseas.

There's still a need in Puerto Rico. People are still without electricity and water, and still in need of donations. Please donate if you can.

Santa Comes To Visit EAF

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. If you were good this year Santa must have made a cameo like he did at the EAF. We knew we had the best kids in the world! Santa confirmed what we already knew ;). Have a great New Year from everyone at the EAF family.

Camp Transform

The students of Education Advantage Foundation & Learning Links Centers attended Camp Transform from June 30 through July 3rd 2017 as a reward for their hard work during the school year.

Easter Party 2017

We had an Easter party on Saturday, April 15, 2017 at Teruko Springs. The kids had fun participating in the Easter Egg Hunt, bouncing in the bounce house, playing games, listening to music, and having hot dogs & other treats, including a bunny cake.

Healthy Cooking with Chef Daniel Quinn

Chef Daniel Quinn came to the EAF Resource room to teach the students to prepare a healthy meal. He showed the kids many of the basics of cooking, from prepping, sauteing vegetables, to how to use a knife properly.

Student Appreciation Dinner

Teruko Springs held their Student's Appreciation Dinner this week. Our manager Sheryl made a delicious dinner for them. Sara, the teacher for Education Advantage Foundation & Learning Links Centers gave certificates to students, who range from 2nd to 10th grades, with the most improved grades.

Halloween Party 2016

EAF hosted a Halloween party at Teruko Springs. The kids dressed up and trick or treated. Even our manager Sheryl took part and came all decked out in a costume!

2016 Back to School Event

EAF hosted a back to school event for the students in Teruko Springs. School supplies were provided to the kids so they can start the year off right!

Holiday Party 2015!

EAF hosted a holiday party for the kids at Teruko Springs. Property manager Sheryl Garza dressed up as an elf and made food and treats for the children.