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Education Advantaged Foundation
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The Education Advantage Foundation

The Education Advantage Foundation ("EAF") is an educational non-profit serving the low to moderate-income neighborhoods of major metropolitan areas. The goal of the EAF is to promote higher education by providing scholarships and free after-school mentoring/tutoring programs in cooperation with apartment building residents. The EAF negotiates onsite housing for its program teachers and provides a resource/study center, including computers, library and reference materials, and teaching tools for the students and mentors within each building. The EAF awards college scholarships to students, who have participated in EAF programs and have shown marked improvement.

EAF works with Learning Links Centers ("LLC")®, a socially responsible California real estate investment company (
www.learninglinkscenters.com) whose goal is to be a leading private provider of residential rental units in low to moderate-income communities. Through the programs of EAF, LLC offers the residents of its buildings the opportunity to enhance their educational options. Additionally, it provides living assistance to teachers, in exchange for their tutoring and mentoring services. With its expertise in the real estate industry, the LLC management team locates, refurbishes, and manages the properties.

By creating an environment in which the residents are proud to be part of the building, EAF and LLC provide desirable housing, educational opportunities and demonstrate an interest in the future of the residents and their children. Further, with the added incentive of educational opportunities, the buildings become desirable destinations for renters, which minimizes vacancy, rental default and vandalism rates, thereby helping to improve the community.


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