Why EAF Needs Your Support

Funding for public education is not what it should be. As a result, the quality of education, especially in larger metropolitan areas continues to suffer. Additionally, the ability to find and retain capable teachers is increasingly difficult, considering the rising cost of living and the comparatively low salaries that teachers earn. As a response to these challenges, Learning Links Centers (“LLC”) was established in May 2002, as a socially responsible real estate investment company. 

On November 18, 2004, LLC announced the launch of the Education Advantage Foundation (“EAF”). EAF is an educational non-profit organization serving the economically disadvantaged neighborhoods of major metropolitan areas. EAF’s goal is to promote higher education in the inner city, by providing scholarships and free after-school mentoring/tutoring programs for children, who are residents of buildings owned by LLC.

LLC is committed to the educational achievement of the children who reside in their buildings.  Thus, LLC donates one unit in each building to serve as a study suite called the Resource Center. The Resource Centers offer residents a safe haven from drugs, crime, gangs and provides a positive learning environment. Each Resource Center has a small library, as well as, computers with supervised internet access, and teaching tools for the students and mentors. 

LLC’s goal, as a leading provider of residential units in economically disadvantaged communities, is to transform these communities from within. Through EAF’s educational and mentoring programs, LLC offers its residents the opportunity to have a brighter future. In exchange for tutoring resident children, LLC provides teachers with subsidized rent. 

By demonstrating an interested in the future of the tenants and their children, EAF and LLC, create an environment in which tenants are proud to be part of the building.  Thus, the buildings are desirable destinations for renters, minimizing vacancy and vandalism rates, and improving the surrounding community.  In order to foster a safe environment for the children who participate in EAF’s program, all tenants sign a lease stating that they will refrain from drug use and drug dealing..

EAF used to rely entirely on charitable donations from donors in the real estate industry. These donations provided funding for scholarships, educational programs, and cultural activities. But with the downturn in the real estate industry, and mortgage crisis, EAF needs other sources of funding.  EAF needs your support and asks for you to make a donation to our foundation.

EAF is committed to providing the finest educational opportunities possible for the youth of major metropolitan areas and we hope you will be a partner in our cause.

Please call us at (310) 943-8530 or send an email to info@educationadvantage.org if you have any questions or if you would like a tour of our facilities.