Student of the Month - April 2015

Recognizing Education Advantage Foundation’s students for the month of April:


Torey George - Johnnie L. Cochran Middle

EAF Los Angeles is proud to recommend Torey George as our April 2015 Student of the Month. Torey is a gifted 7th grader that attends Johnnie L. Cochran Middle School. His favorite subject is Language Arts, and dreams of one day becoming a lawyer. Last month, Torey was one of the finalists in our 1000 page reading contest. He was able to quickly read the recommended pages because of his passion for reading. Keep up the outstanding work both here at the center and at school Torey!! We expect great things from you in the future. 


Junior Pacheco - Kindergarten student at Dobie Primary

He is a fun student that enjoys to play, read and has good grades.

He always has a smile on his face and is very attentive when learning.