Student of the Month & Reading Challenge Winners - March 2015

Recognizing Education Advantage Foundation’s students for the month of March:

Student of the Month & Reading Challenge Winner


Joshua Martinez – Johnnie L Cochran Middle

Joshua is the Adams Center’s March 2015 Student of the month . Joshua had the highest attendance for the month of February. He also was one of the winners in the 1000 page reading contest along with completing his book report for Feb. Academically he has maintained 3.0 GPA this semester at Johnnie L. Cochran Middle School. At his school Joshua plays the clarinet in the orchestra and on the soccer team. Keep up the great work Joshua!


Student of the Month

Cindi Jurado - 1st Grader at Carolyn Bukhair Elementary

Cindi works hard at reading and math. She got an 87 on her math benchmark and loves Art Craft Tuesdays at the LLC room.


Reading Challenge Winner

Alvaro Juarez - 8th Grader at Parkhill Junior High

Alvaro read 1725 pages, 5 books in total. For his achievement, he won 4 tickets to go to the movies with his family.

Reading Challenge Winner - TX.jpg