Student of the Month - February 2015

Recognizing Education Advantage Foundation’s students for the month of February:

Peter Jimenez - 6th Avenue Elementary School

 The Adam's Center Los Angeles proudly recommends Peter Jimenez as February's 2015 Student of the Month. Peter Jimenez is an intelligent, kind, and warm hearted fifth grade Honor Student at 6th Avenue Elementary School. Peter will be culminating from the 5th grade in June of 2015. Although, he has been coming to  the Adam's Center for five or more years; he has recently become more vested in the program due to the 1000 page Reading Challenge.  He has currently read more than five hundred pages. It has been a pleasure to have Peter at the center. He is admired and respected by all of the other students at the center. As Peter transitions into Middle School; we are looking forward to witnessing Peter reach and accomplish outstanding academic achievements. Peter: may you use each opportunity to increase your knowledge and further your academic success.


Eric Juarez - Bukhair Elementary

Eric Juarez  is a 1st grader at Bukhair  Elementary. He loves to read and do arts and crafts. He currently has an average of 85 in all classes. Eric is up to 350 pages in our reading challenge.